Conference with Carry Somers: It’s Time for a Fashion Revolution

Conference with Carry Somers: It’s Time for a Fashion Revolution

Hello dears! How are you? This week I had the opportunity to attend the conference of Carry Somers, designer and social activist in favor of ethical and sustainable fashion. Here are the details!By Andrea Ochoa

I think that if something is clear to us in recent months, it is that climate change is bringing consequences for everyone, and the fashion industry is not saved from this.

Carry Somers, an English fashion designer, has been responsible for giving voice to ethical and sustainable fashion through her Pachacuti brand and the NGO Fashion Revolution, which she founded in the 1990s.

It is true that large firms lack sustainable processes and optimal working conditions for their workers, but during the conference she gave at CENTRO, Carry launched two big questions that all consumers should ask ourselves:

Who made my clothes? 
What’s in my clothes? 

This would definitely influence the way we consume fashion.

Finally, the activist announced that this year a study will be carried out in Mexico, in order to launch the Fashion Brand Transparency Index.

Consume less, but better; reuse and exchange garments; thinking who made our clothes and what materials are made before buying, are initiatives that we should take little by little until they become our daily life.

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Andrea Ochoa